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More than just web design.

We provide web design for authors and bookish professionals. We also offer virtual book marketing assistance (VBMA) and online course development services for non-fiction authors. 

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 Your Partner in Growth

At Sunflower Marketing, we understand that a beautiful website is only the starting point. When you choose us as your partner, you join forces with a small team dedicated to your success. 

Virtual Marketing Assistance: Our virtual marketing services enable you to focus on the core aspects of your writing while we enhance your online presence.

Course Design Coaching: With our guidance, you can develop courses based on your expertise. We'll assist you in creating impactful and profitable educational experiences.

Choose Sunflower Marketing for a dedicated partnership aimed at achieving success. We are committed to navigating challenges together, continuously adapting our strategies to maximize your chances of success.

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Author Services

Are you an author in need of marketing assistance? Whether this is your first book or fifth, marketing is sometimes the last thing you have time to do. However, your story needs to find its audience! We'd love to help.

"Michelle’s design work has been flawless. She designed the perfect website for me. It presents all the important information I want along with the information I needed presenting me at my best.  She is timely, communicated well throughout the process, and was truly concerned with my needs for this project. " 
Author of While the Canary Sings!

DiAnne Berry, UT

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