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Our mission is to help authors reach their audiences and find success. Want to join us? 


Our goal is to assist authors along their journey, and that's why we develop free resources to guide the way. 

We are a husband and wife team that loves books! That's why we have chosen to help non-fiction authors market their books and realize their vision. 

Michelle Miller
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Michelle Miller, M. Ed.

Adam Miller
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Adam Miller, JD, MBA. 

Hi Everyone, 
I'm a writer, mom, and love reading books! I mostly read YA fantasy, non-fiction including cookbooks, and childrens books. I like most genres as long as it clean and not scary. No horror for me!  -Michelle

Hi Everyone, 
I'm mostly a non fiction guy, but I've read and enjoyed classical Russian literature and Spanish American literature. I love great writing wherever I find it.  -Adam

Before Sunflower Marketing

We weren't always book marketers or web designers. Michelle's educational background is in Creative Writing, and she obtained her Master's Degree in Education in Learning and Technology. She designed online courses for seventeen years at a university in Utah. She primarily does web design and book marketing assistance at Sunflower Marketing.

Adam earned an MBA and JD and practiced law before working in property management. He enjoys researching the latest book marketing trends, so you don't have to!

Your Vision Come to Life

We stand by you as your committed marketing partner, genuinely interested in understanding your individual needs and finding ways to contribute to your success. We recognize that each author's journey is special, and while the path may differ, the common thread lies in the various tasks essential for bringing your book to life—from the finishing touches of the book to getting your book in the hands of readers. 

We believe in continuing education, so we are always learning. Check out our most recent certifications.  

HubSpot Certificate
IAP Career College Virtual Assistant Certificate
IAP Independent Book Publishers
IAP Career College Web Designer Certificate
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